Events Production

Our team of experts will ably guarantee your event is well synced, seeing to it that all digital, physical and virtual activities happen as planned to achieve the desired customer experience.

Virtual Reality Experiences

This service takes the product experience for your customers to a whole new level. For example, instead of making basic presentations about your brand, products or services, showing them off using VR technology will keep your audience hooked and wowed. Your customers will easily have a better understanding, insight and appreciation for your brand/product/ services from a 360 degrees perspective, fastening their decision to invest in your brand or buy your products/ services.

Lights and Laser Shows

Lights and laser shows express the unique attitude of the event and are great addition to your event.

Fog and Smoke

Fog and smoke express a mysterious, dreamy and light atmosphere for your event and are highly recommended for events that need to make the customer feel like they are floating in the sky.

Artificial Snow

Winter is a season that makes people feel a deep yearning for warmth, love, and connection. This event effect therefore evokes feeling of loyalty and trust in the people that surround you and the color white feels clean denoting new beginnings. This is a very refreshing effect for your event.

Pyrotechnics and Hand Sparklers

This effect is perfect if you need to create visual drama and stunning scenes at your event. Nothing sparks the energy of celebration, joy and happiness at your event like pyrotechnics.


This effect is great in making events more youthful, fun and playful, creating immersive and memorable experiences for guests and their hosts.


Fireworks displays are a major attraction to an event, expressing momentous celebrations and serves as a means of sharing the joy and happiness of an event with everyone that watches the fireworks.

Fountains, Water and Rain Effects

Water features will give your audience feelings of relaxation and calmness, lowering stress and anxiety while increasing an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Water also signifies purity/ transparency and triggers a sense of trust and open mindedness at events.

Water special effects give unique and unusual event backdrops, projection walls, iconic lobby features, museum exhibits, and interactive water features at events.

Helium Balloons

Floating helium balloons are a popular way to open events, celebrate birthdays, sports events and festivals. They are also used to commemorate significant events in people’s lives such as marriages or memorials to loved ones.

At events these balloons can float indoors or outdoors. Either way, they bring a colorful, happy, light hearted character to the event and draw attention to your event when released outdoors.

Sky Lanterns

This effect is perfect for a cultural festivities, weddings and product launches. Originating from Asia, it is believed that the lanterns carry away with them bad spirits and misfortune leaving behind only good luck and fortune for the releaser.

At an event they mark new beginnings and are a perfect way to end an event.


Located in the heart of East Africa, Green Emerald Events and Exhibitions (GEE) pulsates from Kampala, Uganda providing remarkably outstanding events and exhibition management services.

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